I miss my wordpress!

So I’ll post a video I took at the Samiam show.

Ronny comes to Melbourne next friday and we catch Metric on Saturday! Hopefully I’ll be able to take him to a couple of other shows while he’s here. We need to inspire the boy!

In other news, early bird tickets came!

Soundwave Tickets

I predicted 2010 is gonna be a fan-fucking-tastic year. The only downer is that after Xmas break I won’t be back in SG till January 2011 and I honestly don’t even know if I want to go back anymore. Ronny and I were discussing the possibility of moving here for a couple of years but haven’t come up with with a solid plan just yet. We’ll just wait and see.

Miss you guys mucho!



Yes? YES!

Birthday wishes.

credit: Knight Cat

The clock is ticking..

I’m trying my best to figure you out, but time is working against me.

credit: hedi slimane

Damn this is old!

Haha I just had to post this! Omg, FMS Society and all our nonsense.

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay..


Photo Credit: Hedi Slimane

You have to admit La Lohan doesn’t exactly have the best rep in Hollywood but I won’t deny it, I love her. So here’s to the talented La Lohan who just happens to be my birthday twin too.

To view the rest of the photos go here.

Some YSL lovin..

via the Jak & Jil blog.

In today’s edition of…

food I’d try on thisiswhyyourefat.com


The Ditch Dog

Two hot dogs topped with mac ‘n cheese. I’d probably try the Sausage Egg And Cheese On A Chocolate Glazed Donut too. But cheese over chocolate for me any day!